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Traffic - NRPS focus on motorcycle compliance

Posted on Saturday August 12, 2017
  On Saturday August 12, 2017, officers from the Niagara Regional Police's Central Traffic Unit began an initiative that focuses on motorcycle safety and compliance.  Officers concentrated their efforts primarily on compliance with the guidelines set out under the Highway Traffic Act including the rider's helmets, the vehicles exhaust, handle bars, lighting and license plate.
  The focus area was the Regional Road 20 corridor between Fonthill and Smithville.  Officers also attended a local motorcycle shop, intermingling and answering questions with upwards of 80 motorcyclists heading out for a charity ride.  During the brief initiative, 20 motorcycles were stopped.  All bikes and their drivers were found to be in compliance with the Highway Traffic Act requirements.
  It is the Central Traffic Units goal to continue addressing complaints regarding excessive motorcycle noise and aggressive driving.  Also, continue efforts to ensure that motorcycles comply with the guidelines set out under the Highway Traffic Act in an effort to raise awareness and reduce motorcycle involved collisions.
  Any questions regarding the equipment requirements of a motorcycle, contact the Ministry of Transportation or The Central Traffic Unit of the Niagara Police Service, 905.688.4111, ext.5500

Submitted By: Ronald Tufford
Approved By: Scott Kraushar