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Here for you and those who Serve and Protect!

How can a Chaplain help?

Niagara Regional Police Service (NRPS) Chaplains provide spiritual guidance, personal and family counseling, comfort, and referral to NRPS members and the community. Chaplains assist officers by working with families who are in crisis, with the option of working closely with Victim Services to provide support. Assistance includes but is not limited to the following situations:

  • Death notifications
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Potential suicides or hostage situations
  • Provide comfort to victims and their families
  • Visit and minister to sick or injured officers and their families
  • Domestic intervention
  • Persons in distress
  • Youth crisis

Do NRPS Chaplains represent various faith traditions?

Chaplains come from a variety of faith traditions, and are here to confidentially serve the needs of police officers, auxiliary officers, family members and the community. Chaplains are pleased to help find the resources you want and need.

When is a Chaplain on duty?

All NRPS Chaplains are volunteers and are on-call 24/7. However, each Chaplain takes turn to be the "on-call" Chaplain for any given month. Police officers may request the help of a Chaplain of your choice at any time.

What training do Police Chaplains Have?

All NRPS Chaplains are experienced pastors and have previously worked with police. Chaplains are trained to assist with death notifications or in crisis intervention. They also receive regular training in basic policing with our auxiliary officers.

Meet the NRPS Police Chaplains!



The NRPS Chaplains are unique and br ing with them lots of experience. This experience supports the needs of our members and the community they serve.