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The Niagara Regional Police Service Real Time Operations Centre (RTOC) operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The RTOC is staffed by two civilian analysts responsible for a multitude of cameras throughout the Region.  Our role is to provide members of the Police Service near real time actionable intelligence to front line and investigators. 

The public plays a crucial role in notifying the Police of any emerging events they may witness. The accessing of the cameras is done on an incident driven basis and through intelligence led crime prevention.

This strategic and intelligence driven approach assists police in obtaining crucial information to optimize public safety to the residents and visitors to the Niagara Region.

Through the implementation of the RTOC, the service has been able to assist in locating missing children, those from the vulnerable sector, and people in crisis.  The RTOC has also been pivotal in determining identity of suspects wanted for various types of crimes.

The cameras are owned an maintained by the NRPS.  The cameras are purchased by funding from the NRPS, local community partners and provincial grants.

Video records are collected in accordance with the Guidelines for the Use of Video Surveillance Cameras in Public Places-Information and Privacy Commissioner Ontario (2007).

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Communities, businesses or institutions interested creating partnerships with the NRPS RTOC can contact Staff Sergeant Mark Di Egidio at (905) 688-4111, ext. 1009042.