An applicant who has had a Police Vulnerable Sector Check (VS) completed, may make application to have certain information excluded from the results.

Requests for reconsideration must be made by the applicant in writing no later than 45 days after receiving the record.

Submit to:

Niagara Regional Police Service
Attention: Records & Information Management Unit
5700 Valley Way. 
Niagara Falls, Ont. L2E 1X8

Please include any and all information you may deem relevant in order to assist in our deliberations (including your name, birth date, and the incident # in question), and ensure you include a return mailing address in your correspondence.

Upon reviewing a request, the Niagara Regional Police Service will take the following criteria into consideration:

  1. Date and number of the incidents
  2. The age of the applicant at the time of the incident
  3. All information available to the police service that relates to the applicant including Crown notes (where present)
  4. Whether the incident(s) target a vulnerable person
  5. Whether there is repeated behaviour towards more than one person
  6. Details of the incident including:
    • any written information provided by the applicant including supporting documentation
    • information provided by the officers who had contact with the individual at the time of that incident, if available
    • the reason the incident did not result in a conviction

You will be informed in writing of the final decision made by the Reconsideration Panel and be provided with a general reason for acceptance or denial within 30 days of receipt of the reconsideration request.

Please note that removal of any information will only be done if there is a substantive reason to support it. Removal will not be done strictly because disclosure of the contact might affect the applicant's chances of securing a volunteer or paid position.

Employers and agencies require prospective applicants to undergo a police record check not only to determine if they have been charged with or convicted of offences, but also to review any relevant non convictions registered in court, that might speak to their overall character or behaviour. The presence of this information does not automatically exclude a person from the hiring process, but it may prompt the employer to ask further questions of the applicant and/or their references.

The Police Service will not remove information that it may determine to be relevant simply because the applicant requests it. There is a potential liability to the Police Service if certain information is deliberately excluded, particularly if it was information removed at the applicant's request because they felt it might be detrimental to their character.