All of our teams must successfully complete a fifteen week course prior to certification. It is instructed by Sergeant Johnstone and includes all facets required for graduation of a General Patrol Dog.

The course begins with confidence building, general socialization, and obedience. During this time, the team develops a foundation as it learns together. Each task is introduced separately to the dog. They are introduced to the next step on successfully completing the first task. This builds a strong base and allows the dog to progress at a steady pace.

This course is physically and mentally challenging. It places many demands on the canine team. Sergeant Johnstone must ensure that the team can meet all the expected requirements in stressful situations. These dogs have a huge responsibility to keep our members and the public safe.

On completion, the canine team is ready for general patrol. Canine teams must recertify twice a year. There is a spring and fall refresher course where teams are tested on all tasks. Each team must attend two training days per month. Weekly training with various police services allows different teams to share valuable information and new training ideas. It is a constant flow of information and a great resource.

Components of Training:

  • Obedience
  • Agility
  • Tracking
  • Article Search
  • Standoff
  • Open Search
  • Building Search
  • Chase and Apprehension
  • Handler Protection
  • Explosives Detection
  • Narcotics Detection