Adult T-Shirts in various colours

      Adult T-Shirt with NRPS Crest - Light Blue  Screen printed crest from adult t-shirts  Adult T-Shirt with NRPS Crest - White

Adult T-Shirts with NRPS Crest (White, Black, Navy, Pink, Burgundy)

S, M, L, XL - $10

XXL - $12


                   Adult Extreme Dry Golf Shirt - Black   Adult Extreme Dry Golf Shirt - Black                                                      Extreme Dry Golf Shirt Label  

Adult Golf Shirts - Black

Ladies S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL - $30

Men's M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL - $30


                                         Adult Hoodies - Black, Pink, Blown and Navy


 Adult Zipped Hoodie (S - XL) (Black, Pink, Navy) - $45                         

 Adult Zipped Hoodie (XXL - XXXL) (Black, Pink, Navy) - $47                    


 Adult Pullover Hoodie 










   Adult Pullover Hoodie (S - XL) (Black, Pink, Navy) - $40                          

   Adult Pullover Hoodie (XXL) (Black, Pink, Navy) - $42  








                    NRPS Baseball Cap with NRPS Stitched                   NRPS Baseball Cap with NRPS Stitched On 

NRPS Hat - $10 


                    NRPS Duty Sweater                NRPS Duty Sweater

NRPS Duty Sweater (For Currently Serving NRPS Members) - $65

To purchase items from the Tuck Shop:

Attend in person at:  NRPS Quartermasters, 3547 Thorold Townline Rd, Thorold

Hours: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. weekdays (not open holidays)

$$ Cash Sales Only $$


For inquiries call Allison - 905-688-4111 ext. 5200