About the Band

The Niagara Regional Police Pipes and Drums is located in Niagara Falls Canada and performs locally and across Canada and the USA at Scottish Highland Games and other Celtic events both as a concert and competition Pipe Band.   

The Band has encountered great musical success over the years, the most recent being a competitive win at the 2012 North American Pipe Band Championships in Maxville, Ontario, competing at the Grade 4 level. Following this great success the band was upgraded into Grade 3 for the following 2013 competitive season.

Band Members

We are always looking for new members and offer lessons to those who wish to learn.

If you're interested contact Peter MacKenzie 905-321-3489 or Lead Drummer, Jessica Martin 289-241-8107.


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2022 Performance Schedule - Contact Peter Mackenzie for details on locations and times

April 9, 2022 – Scottish Craftsmen - evening performance - St. Catharines 


April 16, 2022 – NRP Pipe Band SPRING FLING – Merritton Lions Community Centre


May 1, 2022 – Toronto Police Memorial Parade


May 9, 2022 – Police Awards Night


May 14, 2022 – TUG of WAR Parade – Niagara Falls (unconfirmed)


May 27, 2022 (6pm) – Scottish Club – Multi-Cultural Festival – Location TBA 


June 11, 2022  – Georgetown Highland Games


June 18, 2022 – Cobourg Highland Games


June 19, 2022 – Rose Festival Parade - Welland


We are now open for in person sessions in Niagara Falls on Tuesdays from 6 - 9pm & Sundays from 10 - 11am

Location - Niagara Military Museum - 5049 Victoria Ave. Niagara Falls 

We are also open for a visit from the curious and interested!

Teaching ages 8 yr. and up - primarily a youth teaching organization with ability to teach older students as well

Contact - Peter Mackenzie (905) 321-3489 OR  peteramac1949@gmail.com


Give this short video a watch to see what being a member of the pipe band is all about!  

 The Big Noise Music Program!

The NRPS Pipes & Drums is looking for youth ages 8 and older that are interested in and want to try the bagpipes, flourishing tenor/bass drum or drumline snare drum.

No previous experience is needed – we offer a series of lessons to introduce you to the music, the instruments and allow you to examine your compatibility and practice habits. Our goal is to help improve the outlook of youth in our community through a peer supported music program and introducing them to music and friendships that will last a lifetime.

The introductory sessions will last 10/12 weeks with an assessment at the conclusion.  Continuation in our program is subject to mutual agreement.

Regular attendance at all lessons and good practice habits at home will be the best indicators of continued success. Practice at home should begin after the first session –initially about 20-30 min. / day.  Lessons are weekly with an approved instructor. Financial assistance is available.

Fees for the entire 10/12 weeks are only $50. We supply all practice instruments – chanters or drum sticks etc. as needed. We also supply the written music, program notes & videos.

Fees afterwards are $40/month for the lessons. You will receive 1 or 2 lessons/week as time permits and includes all manuscript music & videos needed for a successful learning experience. Financial assistance is available.

As students’ progress through future teaching programs, some may be invited to join the NRPS Pipe & Drums - The Band!! Here you will be performing at local and regional parades, concerts, festivals & competitions. There are NO fees associated with band membership. Uniforms and instruments are also provided by the band.

Do you want to see what we are all about?  You are most welcome to attend any band rehearsal by calling Peter at 905 321 3489 for dates/times. 

Contact - Peter Mackenzie (905) 321-3489 OR  peteramac1949@gmail.com

Click Here to Complete the Big Noise Music Program Registration Form

 Bagpipe Amnesty - We don't have enough bagpipes to play!

If you or your family member have an old set of bagpipes lying under a bed or tucked away in the attic, let us rescue them and get them back into action. 

This 'Amnesty' will give new life to old pipes;  a classic recycling program. 

With our ongoing youth teaching program aptly called "The Big Noise" we have a roster of young pipers that need your assistance.  You can enable them to fill the ranks and participate in the music program of the NRPS Pipes & Drums.

Contact Pipe Major Peter MacKenzie and he will discuss in detail the good things that can be done with your unused bagpipes.

Pipe Major / Band General Manager - Peter MacKenzie

Press Contact - Peter MacKenzie 905-321-3489

Booking Agent - peteramac1949@gmail.com