The Niagara Regional Police Service would like to remind motorists that effective October 26th 2009, it became illegal for Ontario drivers to use any handheld communication and entertainment devices. As of this date and up to February 1, 2010, there was a 3-month education period where police did not issue Provincial Offences Notices (tickets).

Police continue to have the ability to lay charges, where warranted, of Careless Driving or other offences under the Highway Traffic Act or Criminal Code driving offences for situations where drivers are using electronic devices. This new legislation will enhance traffic safety by creating a specific offence for driving behaviour which is known to distract drivers from driving safely. Distracted drivers are a safety risk to themselves and others. The Niagara Regional Police Service is committed to ensuring the safety of all motorists in Niagara.

MTO Campaign #Putdownthephone - June 2016 


The Niagara Regional Police Service is supporting the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario in their campaign to combat distracted driving.

Distracted driving continues to grow as a problem of the roadways of Ontario.  Distracted drivers who are talking on a cell phone are four times more likely to be involved in a collision.

That number jumps sharply when a driver is involved in texting and driving.  A texting distracted driver is  23 times more likely to be involved in a collision or a near collision.

When driving, you are not permitted to use hand-held communication and entertainment devices or view display screens unrelated to the driving task, with the following exceptions:

  • Calling 9-1-1 in an emergency situation
  • When the driver is lawfully parked or has safely pulled off the roadway and is not impeding traffic.

Distracted driving can lead to loss of demerit points, large fines, licence suspension, serious injury or death.

Look after yourself and those you share the roadways with #putdownthephone

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