Cottage Security

 As part of the Niagara Regional Police Service's commitment to crime prevention, patrols of summer vacationATV Cottage Checks properties happen throughout the year.  The Lake Erie shoreline from Fort Erie to Wainfleet for example is lined with many beautiful summer vacation properties.  In an effort to prevent burglaries, uniformed officers routinely patrol these areas and other areas with these types of properties, even during the winter months when many of these properties are locked and unattended. Sometimes extra patrols are used for this purpose.


Tips for protecting your cottage:

  • Remove any high value items from the cottage if you are going to be away for an extended period of time.
  • Remove/trim decorative shrubs and trees that may obstruct anyone seeing if a burglar is prowling around your cottage.  Provide an unobstructed view of the area around property.
  • Install bright security lighting, using motion detectors is a good consideration to conserve energy while providing security. 
  • Have some lights in various parts of the cottage on timers with different settings.  Burglars will not come if they believe someone is home.
  • Install solid-core doors on all exterior doors with deadbolt locks.
  • Secure all sheds and outbuildings, making sure they are visible from the home.
  • Have a friend or neighbour who is around all year check on your property regularly while you are away.