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The Niagara Regional Police Service requests public assistance in identifying and locating the following individuals. If you have any information on the current whereabouts of these individuals please immediately call:

Niagara Regional Police at (905) 688-4111 and request to speak to "dispatch" or contact  Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477, Text your tip to 274637 (CRIMES) or submit through their web portal.

 For your safety do not confront or attempt to apprehend anyone on "Caught on Camera". Call the Police.

Reminder that all persons identified are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 


Caught On Camera

  Break and enter suspect to Identify Break and enter suspect to Identify


Break and Enter






Niagara Falls



Male entered a home undergoing renovations and stole various hand tools


Suspect desc:  Male, white, 5'10, med build, red facial hair, black coat, tan cargo style pants

Date added:



Photo of suspect veh

Photo of suspect veh

Photo of suspect veh


Theft of Motor Vehicle









The pictured truck was involved in a theft of a trailer

in the early morning hours, on February 16, 2021.  


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St Catharines



The pictured female was caught shoplifting meat on January 5, 2021 from a grocery store after paying for some smaller items but not the meat in her reusable shopping bag.  When she was approached by loss prevention staff and they identified themselves, the suspect sprayed the loss prevention officer directly in their right eye with what they believed to be pepper spray before any other interaction could take place.  She subsequently fled the scene and was not located.


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theft and fraud suspects to id [a]theft and break in suspects [c]theft and break in suspects [b]theft and break in suspects [d]theft and break in suspects [e]


Theft from Autos x7

Break and Enter

Theft of Motor Vehicle (recovered)














Fort Erie / Stevensville



The pictured individuals were involved in multiple incidents in Stevensville in the early morning hours of November 29th, 2020. Stolen credit cards were used at multiple locations.


Date added:












Thorold, ON


Synopsis:  On September 25th, 2020 at approx. 11:33pm a suspect approaches the vehicle, smashes the rear window and pours gas on the rear of the vehicle before lighting it on fire and running away.



Male, medium build, grey hooded sweatshirt with the hood up, dark pants, black shoes.


Date Added:






Offence: Theft under $5000


Incident: 20-801242


Location: St. Catharines


Synopsis: On Wednesday July 29, 2020 around 8:45pm, the pictured male attended Sobeys on Glendale.  The suspect is seen attending on foot and stopping to look at the bikes.  Upon leaving he stops and appears to tie his shoe before he is seen leaving on a bike with what appears to be a container of kitty litter in his hands.  The stolen bike was a Red and Black Men's Giant Touring Bike.


Description: White male, wearing a black muscle shirt (with what appears to be the batman symbol and the words "TRAIN HARD"), black shorts, white ankle socks with dark running shoes with a white sole.


Date Added: October 13, 2020


 Suspect 1 and target vehicle



Suspect 2 vehicle


Offence: Arson


Incident: 20-68023


Location: St. Catharines


Synopsis: On Wednesday July 22, 2020 around 6:00 am, the pictured male attended a parking lot on Church Street, St Catharines and approached the target vehicle, a black 2005 Saturn Vue.  The suspect is seen around the vehicle for some time before the suspect vehicle and another suspect attend for a short period of time.  Shortly after the suspect vehicle departs the target vehicle completely engulfs in flames at the rear.


Description: White male, wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt, light coloured shorts, white socks and dark shoes.


Date Added: September 16, 2020


20-80269 - Suspect 1

20-80269 - Suspect 2

 20-80269 - Suspect 3


Offence: Robbery


Incident: 20-80269


Location: St. Catharines


Synopsis: On Sunday August 23, 2020, around 9:00 am, the pictured male attended a gas station on Ontario Street, St Catharines and demanded cigarettes and cash from the lone employee that was on duty.  The suspect threatened the employee with a knife and was allowed to gather cigarettes and the money from the till from the nights sales before taking off on a bike.


Description: Male, white, mid 30's, with a medium build, short brown or black hair, and scruffy facial hair. He was wearing a black t-shirt over a collared, gray shirt, black shorts, and a gray hat with "CRSK" printed in white ("Crooks and Castles"). The male arrived on a small black bmx bike.


Date Added: September 10, 2020


 20-22491 - Suspect

20-22491 - Suspect

20-22491 - Suspect

Offence: Fraud

Incident: 20-22491


Location: St. Catharines


Synopsis: On March 12, 2020, the complainant's wallet was misplaced/stolen after attending Starbucks for a coffee before work.  The bank cards were subsequently fraudulently used by the pictured suspect to withdraw over $13,000.00 from various accounts.


Description: Female, white, approximately 40-50 years old, with long blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. She was wearing a light coloured shirt with a jacket over top that had white fluffy collar and inside of the coat, light colour pants, and was carrying a black purse. 


Date Added: August 28, 2020




Offence: Robbery

Incident: 20-65724

Location: St. Catharines

Synopsis: July 15, 2020 around 9:47pm, the lone male approached a female and forcefully took her purse before fleeing north on Niagara St.

Description: Male, black, approximately 25 years old, 6'00" tall and slender build, with short black hair. He was wearing a black shirt with white writing/markings on the front, black pants, and possibly black and white slip on flip flops. 


Date Added: August 24, 2020


Offence: Shoplifting Under $5000

Incident: 20-1949

Location: St. Catharines

Synopsis: January 11, 2020, a lone female entered the store and proceeded to the electronics isle and with the use of a shopping cart selected a 43 inch RCA 4K TV valued at $382. The female then left the store bypassing all cashiers and self-check out entering into a waiting vehicle and left without paying for the TV.

Description: Female, white, between the age of 25-35, with long black hair wearing a long black winter coat with black pants, and a white/black T-shirt. 


Date Added: January  27, 2020



Offence: Theft From Vehicle Under $5000

Incident: 19-103740

Location: St Catharines

Synopsis:  October 11th 2019, the pictured male stole several items including credit cards from an unlocked vehicle and proceeded to use them to gain a total of $5,054.00 in cash advances and purchases.  The female used some of the cards in question.


Male, white, approximately 5'09" in height and 280 pounds, heavy build. He was wearing a black and white baseball hat, black pants, black sweater and was riding a bicycle


Female, white, ripped blue jeans, black track top with white writing on the back and sleeves, white runners. 


Date Added: November 21, 2019

Updated: January 21, 2020


Offence:  Theft/Fraud


19-111866 Theft

19-112463 Fraud

Location:  Thorold

Synopsis:  The pictured males attended a party and stole a wallet, they subsequently attended Circle K convenience store in Thorold and bought  3 packages of Backwoods Cigars and a Juul e-cigarette starter package.  Male 1 completed the transaction and did most of the talking.


Male 1: East Indian decent with short black hair and dark eyes wearing khaki pants, a black t-shirt with white writing along the waist, a black jacket with white logo on the left sleeve, and two gold chains around his neck. He has a slim build and no facial hair.


Male 2: East Indian decent with black hair and a black beard. He is wearing black shoes with white accent, blue jeans, a black hooded sweatshirt with a logo on the left side of his chest and his hood is up.

Date added:


  Suspect to identify for theft of donation box

Offence:  Theft x2


19-121655 &


Location:  Niagara Falls

Synopsis:  the pictured male has stolen donation boxes from two restaurant locations in Niagara Falls

Description:  Male, white, 40's, 6'0, 240 lbs, goatee, moustache

Date added: 2019.12.17

  male suspect to identify for MischiefMale suspect to identify for Mischief 2nd picture

Offence:  Mischief

Incident: 19-122895

Location:  Fort Erie

Synopsis: Brick tossed through window of public property

Suspect description: Male, winter jacket, hoody, toque and scarf

Date Added:  2019.12.13

  female suspect

Offence:  Theft Under x2

Incident:  19-124345 & 19-124688

Location:  Niagara Falls

Synopsis:  The pictured female was involved in two shoplifting incidents in Niagara Falls.  

Suspect description:

Female, white, 50+ years, 5'5, medium build, long straight black hair, wearing blue jeans, black t-shirt with pink letters, hoop earrings; carrying a large black purse

Date added:  2019.12.12

   male suspect  

Offence:  Theft Under

Incident:  19-123958

Location:  Niagara Falls

Synopsis:  the pictured male was involved in a shoplifting incident in Niagara Falls

Suspect description:

Male, Black, 20-30 yrs, 180 cm (5'11), medium build, black beard, grey Toronto Raptors baseball cap with sticker on brim, grey winter coat, jeans, black shoes with white soles.

Date Added:  2019.12.09

   Suspect LCBO

Offence:  Theft Under

Incident:  19-113176

Location:  Niagara Falls

Synopsis:  the pictured male was involved in a shoplifting incident from a local store

Suspect description:

M/W, 18-30 yrs, 175 cm (5'09), 59 kg (130 lbs), thin build, black toque, tan colour hooded sweatshirt, black pants, tan colour shoes

Date added:  2019.12.09

  Suspect image

Offence:  Theft Under x2

Incident: 19-121233 & 19-121248

Location:  Niagara Falls

Synopsis:  The pictured male followed females inside local stores and removed wallets from open purses in shopping carts.

Suspect description: 

Male, white, 50-60 years, medium build, blond grey hair, black eyebrows, wearing a black jacket, blue jeans, black shoes with white soles

Date added:  2019.12.02


Offence:  Break and Enter; Theft; Fraud

Incident:  19-115559

Location: Niagara Falls,

NOTL, & Grimsby


Synopsis:  The pictured couple entered a residence, stole a purse and used the stolen credit cards at various locations in the Niagara Region.

Suspect descriptions:

#1 - Male, white, 50-60 years, thin build

#2 - Female, white, 30-40 years, long dark hair, medium build


Date added:  2019.11.25

   male and female suspects

Offence:  Motor Vehicle Theft

Incident:  19-112603

Location:  Niagara-on-the-Lake


Synopsis:  November 5th a vehicle was stolen from a NOTL residence; the pictured individuals were seen getting out of the stolen vehicle in a parking lot at a local restaurant.


Suspect descriptions:

#1 - Male, White, 20-30 yrs, slim - med build, dark jacket with fur around collar

#2 - Female, White, 20-30 yrs, thin - med build, long blonde hair, dark jacket, dark pants


Date added:  2019.11.21


suspect Photo

 suspect photo 2

Offence: Theft From Vehicle/Fraud


Location: St. Catharines

Synopsis: suspect stole several items from a vehicle, including a credit card that was used to purchase items at a local business.


Date added: 2019.05.13

  Suspect wanted in Niagara Falls Mischief

Offence:  Mischief


Location: Niagara Falls

Synopsis:  November 11th the pictured male committed a Mischief in the Clifton Hill area of Niagara Falls.  He broke a window, and damaged other property. Damage is estimated at $2,500.


Suspect description:

Male, White, 25-40 years, 5'7 to 5'10 in height, approximately 160 lbs.  Wearing a dark colour jacket and a grey toque.


Date Added:  2018.12.05

  Female suspect to ID assault

Offence: Assault


Location: Niagara Falls

Synopsis:  female made rude comments and threw her coffee at the victim.

Suspect:  F/W, 5'6, 150 lbs, wearing a purple pink shirt, black tights, black and white running shoes; white socks

Date added to page:  2018.10.19



Bank Robbery - Grimsby Scotiabank - Suspect #1

Bank Robbery - Grimsby Scotiabank - Suspects

Offence: Bank Robbery


Location: Grimsby

Synopsis: males robbed the bank with a handgun and money was put in a backpack.  They fled in a dark, mid-sized SUV.

Suspect: 2 males 

Date added to page: 2018.07.24


Suspect - Stabbing on Queenston St

Suspect - Stabbing on Queenston St

Offence: Stabbing

Inc#: 18-38310

Location: St. Catharines

Synopsis: Suspect approached victim and stabbed the back of his leg after an argument.

Suspect: as pictured

Date added to page: 2018.05.07

  Suspect to ID - use stolen credit cardSuspect to ID - use stolen credit card

Offence: Use Stolen Credit Card


Location: St. Catharines

Synopsis: suspect used credit cards stolen in a house B&E.

Suspect: as pictured.

Date added to page: 2018.01.31

  Vehicle to ID Fort Erie RobberyVehicle to ID Fort Erie Robbery

Offence: Robbery with Firearm

Incident: 17-82629

Location: Fort Erie

Synopsis:  August 30th 2 suspects entered a store and pointed a firearm at the clerk. The clerk hit a panic alarm and the suspects fled empty handed.

Suspect descriptions:

#1 - average height and build; wore white sweater with hood up, blue jeans, carried a bag, red/white shoes

#2 - average height and build, wore black sweater with hood up, light colour pants, orange shirt under sweater, white shoes, face covered, handgun in right hand

Suspect Vehicle:  GMC Sierra or Chevrolet Silverado extended cab, 2 wheel drive, pewter / tan colour (light brown) - last seen Eastbound on Dufferin from Central Avenue, FTE

Date added to page: 2017.09.15

  Elder Abuse Fraud - Suspect TruckElder Abuse Fraud - Suspect

Offence: Fraud Over $5,000

Incident: 17-13878

Location: St. Catharines

Synopsis: Female called elderly victim, claiming to be his niece & needing money.  She told him a male would come by and pick it up.  The suspects did this twice.  

Suspect description: m/w, 5'8", short black hair, dark eyes, wearing all black clothing.

Suspect vehicle: newer GMC Sierra crew cab pickup truck, black with a tonneau cover, chrome bars and spoked rims.

Date added to page: 2017.06.06


Suspect to - Mischief to AutoSuspect to ID - Mischief to AutoSuspect to ID - Mischief to Auto

Offence: Mischief

Incident: 17-19880

Location: St. Catharines

Synopsis: Suspect keyed both sides of the victim's car, causing $3500.00 damage. 

Suspect description:

 m/w, long dark hair, beard

Date added to page: 2017.06.01

  Suspect to ID - theft from ATM at Thorold CIBC

Offence: Theft Under

Incident: 16-98801

Location: Thorold

Synopsis: Victim left her bank card in the ATM by mistake; suspect accessed her account and stole a large sum of money.  

Suspect described as wearing a New Jersey Devils cap (black with red logo), dark sweatpants and a grey hoodie with logos on the sleeves.

Date added to page: 2016.11.04

  Suspect to ID  - shopliftingSuspect to ID - shoplifting

Offence: Theft Under

Incident: 16-99674

Location: St. Catharines

Synopsis: male took a gift bag from a display, filled it with packages of razor blades and assorted allergy medications, then left without paying for the items.

Date added to page: 2016.11.08

  Distraction Theft Suspect to ID


Offence: Theft Under

Incident: 16-89931

Location: Niagara Falls

Synopsis: Two male suspects distracted a tourist in the lobby of a  local hotel and stole a laptop bag. The suspects are believed to be  responsible for 2 similar style thefts in the Region (16-59161 & 16-99548)

Date added to page: 2016.11.08


16-89931 - Suspects are described as:

#1 (pictured) - Male, 50 yrs, dark grey hair, 5'8, medium build, "beer belly", wearing a white/grey bb cap, glassess, navy blue spring jacket, brown t-shirt, blue jeans, white shoes, carrying a backpack

#2 (no photo) - Male, possibly Hispanic, thin build, 5'11, black hair, thin moustache, wearing a bb cap, blue spring jacket, carrying a backpack

Vehicle - possibly driving a silver (grey) Dodge Charger




  Robbery suspect - LCBO, BeamsvilleRobbery suspect - LCBO, BeamsvilleRobbery suspect - LCBO, Beamsville

Offence: Robbery

Incident: 16-53524

Location: Beamsville

Synopsis: Male robbed the LCBO with a handgun.

Date added to page: 2016.10.19

  Robbery at The Source in Grimsby2nd pic, Robbery at The Source in Grimsby

Offence: Robbery

Incident: 16-92361

Location: Grimsby

Synopsis: Male robbed the Source store with a handgun.

Date added to page: 2016.10.19

  Graffiti Suspect - downtown St. Catharines

Offence: Mischief

Incident: 16-93377

Location: Downtown St. Catharines

Synopsis: Graffiti painted on the wall of the First Ontario Performing Arts Centre.  Word "Bricks" (8' long by 4' tall).

Date added to page: 2016.10.19


Suspect - Theft of Bike at YMCASuspect - Theft of Bike at YMCA

Offence: Theft Under $5,000

Incident: 16-74630

Location: St. Catharines

Synopsis: Suspect stole a bicycle from the rack in front of the YMCA


Date added to page: 2016.09.14

   male suspectmale suspect    suspect 2suspect 2

Offence: Theft Under $5,000

Incident: 16-54487

Location: Welland

Synopsis: Theft from Business

Date added to page: 2016.08.10


suspect - theft of donation boxsuspect - theft of donation boxsuspect - theft of donation box

Offence: Theft Under $5,000

Incident: 16-49310

Location: St. Catharines

Synopsis: male entered a gas station on Glendale Avenue and stole some items, including the McMaster Children's Hospital cash donation box.

Date added to page: 2016.06.17


 Male caught on camera

Offence:  Mischief / Theft Under

Incident:  16-22228

Locations:  Niagara Falls

Synopsis:  pictured male is a suspect in a Mischief / Damage to vending machines & subsequent theft of coins

Date added to page:  2016.04.06

  unknown female suspectunknown female suspectunknown female suspectunknown female suspect 

Offence: Theft Under $5000

Incident: 15-60861

Location: Food Basics, 124 Clarence St, Port Colborne

Incident: On July 23, 2015, a customer left her wallet behind at the Food Basics in Port Colborne.  Video surveillance clearly shows another customer picking it up and placing it into a box in which she is packing her groceries.  Identity of female requested.

Date Added to page: November 18, 2015


unknown male suspectunknown male suspect


Offence: Theft Under $5000

Incident Number: 15-55631

Location:  Ramada (7389 Lundy's Lane, NFO)

Incident: Acer All-In-One computer ($1000) stolen from basement of Hotel, was attached by a wire that was removed.

Suspect Described as: male, white, 6'0, 160lbs, thin build, short brown hair, black sunglasses, red and black t-shirt and dark cargo shorts, wearing white running shoes

NOTE: suspect had a black neck tattoo on the left side

  unknown male suspect


Offence:  Shoplifting Under $5000

Incident Number: 15-56035

Location:  Freshco (5931 Lundy's Lane, Niagara Falls)

Incident: On Thursday, July 9th, 2015 around 18:00hrs, male suspect approached cash register for change, then returned few minutes later with a shopping cart.  He put his black knapsack open in the cart.  He selected multiple items (meats and cheeses) and put them in his knapsack but paid for lettuce and bread.  The alarm went off as suspect exited the store.  The Loss Prevention Officer confronted the suspect, as the backpack was picked up off the ground the suspect fled on his bicycle East on Lundy's Lane.  The bicycle was a red and grey mountain bike.

Description: The suspect is described as a white male, with reddish skin,  approximately 5"9, medium muscular build.  He had short blondish brown hair and a goatee. He was wearing a black T-shirt with skulls on it, blue jeans with a chain from the pocket on the left side, black Nike shoes and a camouflage baseball cap with a white and black fox patch on the front.

   unknown female suspectunknown male suspect  

Offence:  Theft Under $5000

Incident Number: 15-27872

Location:  Sobeys, 34 Livingston Avenue, Grimsby

Incident: On 2015.05.12 just before midnight, this couple entered the store and the male distracted the clerk.  The female filled a large flower patterned shopping bag with grocery items, then they both left without paying.



#1 - w/f, 30-40 yrs, glasses, long brunette hair, heavy, 5'8", carried a large, flower pattern shopping bag used to steal groceries.

#2 - m/w, 35-45 yrs, tall & thin, blonde goatee, wearing a dark blue sweater, dark jeans, with a considerable amount of keys and "gadgets" hanging off his belt.



   unknown female suspect  

Offence:  Theft Under $5000

Incident Number: 15-39447 / 15-24312

Location:  Rainbow Bridge Duty Free (5726 Falls Ave, NFO)

Incident:  (15-39447) On Friday, May 15th, approx 5:25pm the female suspect was observed driving her block Honda Civic.  She entered the fragrance area and removed a bottle of Emporio Armani "She" perfume.  Bottle is never returned to shelf.  Suspect exits store approx 5:30pm.

(15-24312) Suspect proceeded towards perfume isle and placed 2 tester bottles of Armani perfume in her large beige purse, and left the store.


Description:  driving black Honda Civic (plate likeliness of BKVN573); possible first name of "VICKY"

   unknown male suspect

Offence: Break, Enter & Theft

Incident: 15-35221

Location: Various locations, St. Catharines

Incident: overnight 2015.05.07, several businesses along Hartzel Road were entered by smashing the front glass doors.  The cash registers were targeted.

Suspect: m/w, 20-30 years old, 6'0 tall, 200 lbs, some facial hair (beard/moustache scruff).  He appears to have had a cast on his right hand going up his forearm. The suspect was wearing a black flat brim baseball cap with the Detroit Red Wings logo, a grey and white hoodie, dark sweat pants and Nike high-top running shoes.

   The suspect is linked to a vehicle which is believed to be a Ford Focus.