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What is the Vulnerable Persons Registry?

In early 2017, a review of the Autism Registry was conducted. We met with community agencies to discuss possible expansion. It was agreed the Registry should be changed to a "Vulnerable Persons Registry" to represent a broader base of individuals in the community. During our research it was found that other police services were moving away from managing similar databases in-house and were instead amalgamating with Canadian MedicAlert Foundation.

The Medic Alert Foundation was formed in 1961 and is a charitable non-profit organization. They formed a partnership with the Alzheimer Society of Canada, effectively taking over control of their Wandering Patient Registry. They also have an agreement with Autism Canada and in 2015 expanded to include a partnership with the Bissell Centre which is the largest FASD (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorders) Centre in Canada.

Their database currently manages 1.2 million clients. They continue to develop and leverage new partnerships allowing them to service more Canadians by addressing partner needs.

MedicAlert is better equipped to manage the Vulnerable Person's Registry than any Police Service. It is their core function and their database is available nationally.

Goal of the Program:

The goal of the program is to give police quick access to critical information about a registered individual in the community in an emergency situation. MedicAlert assumes responsibility of each client and collects all the needed information upon registering a client into the program. Each client is provided a MedicAlert bracelet that provides an identification number unique to that person along with a 24 hour emergency hotline staffed with medically trained specialists ready to assist in 140 languages. This number can be called by anyone including the public,
police, fire or paramedics.

How it Works:

  • Complete the MedicAlert "member statement" enrollment document to register.
  • The registry will provide the option to attach a picture (face only picture similar to passport or school picture) to the form.
  • Medic Alert" has a fee of $60 a year.
  • Upon enrollment, clients sign a consent "member statement" with MedicAlert
  • Annual registration is required to keep the individual with MedicAlert Connect Protect registry. MedicAlert is the collector and keeper of all information and ensures that all information is updated on a yearly basis.
  • If a renewal form is not received, the registrant will be removed from the MedicAlert registry.
  • The registrant can be withdrawn from the registry at any time. Follow the link to the online registry and select MedicAlert Registry Withdrawal Form. Complete the form and submit it.

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