Fingerprint & Photograph Destruction

An application for the destruction of fingerprints, photographs and the record of disposition must be made using the Fingerprint & Photograph Destruction Application Form, by the person to whom the records relate or by a person authorized in writing by that person. 

Note: The Youth Criminal Justice Act mandates the process in relation to fingerprints and photographs, therefore an application for fingerprint and photograph destruction for young persons will not be accepted.

The following time frames apply:

  • Acquittal: two (2) months after the expiry of the time allowed for an appeal, or if an appeal is taken, three months after all proceedings have been completed
  • Dismissal: thirty (30) days (plus 30 days in the event of late notification for appeal)
  • Stayed Charges: after one (1) year has elapsed from the date the stay was imposed
  • Withdrawn Charges: 30 days (plus 30 days in the event of late notification for appeal)
  • Withdrawn Charges plus Peace Bond: after one (1) year has elapsed from the date the peace bond was imposed
  •  **Note: Anyone wishing a Criminal file closure relating to an Absolute or Conditional discharge received prior to July 24, 1992 must write to the RCMP requesting removal of the conviction**.
  • **Note: Requests for destruction of Absolute or Conditional discharges are not guaranteed and are subject to Police discretion**. 

The following criteria also applies:

  • A local file closure only applies to records of non-convictions.  A record suspension application must be filed with the Parole Board of Canada in relation to convictions.
  • Records to be destroyed are limited to biometric data only i.e., fingerprints, photographs and the record of the disposition. Reports pertaining to the incident/arrest will not be destroyed. These documents are subject to retention under the Niagara Regional Police Service Retention Bylaw.


The fingerprint and photograph destruction fee of $50.00 is non-refundable, and destruction is not guaranteed.



Payment Policy Adjustment

Effective October 1, 2018

Please be advised that effective October 1, 2018 payment may be made by Debit, Visa or MasterCard.

Cash will no longer be accepted.


Submit request to:

Niagara Regional Police Service
5700 Valley Way
Niagara Falls, ON
L2E 1X8
Attn: Floater Clerk
905-688-4111 extension 4389