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Alarm Program


Causes for False Alarms - Human Error or Equipment Malfunction

  1. Inadequate training of people permitted access to your security system (children, neighbors, cleaning personnel, real estate agents, guests, relatives, babysitters, service and delivery personnel, etc.)
  2. Pets, Animals, Rodents, Insects
  3. Incorrect key pad codes
  4. Weak system batteries - (power outages due to weather)
  5. Open, unlocked or loose fitting doors and windows, motions (strong winds), failure to secure doors and windows before turning on the alarm
  6. Drafts from heaters and air conditioning systems that move plants, curtains, balloons, etc.
  7. Sensitive motion sensors - improper application or installation of interior motion detectors
  8. Faulty equipment
  9. Failure to notify monitoring facility of unscheduled openings or closings.

A FALSE ALARM is an alarm signal that elicits a response by Police Officers for which there is no evidence of criminal activity to justify a police response. This simply means that if a police officer responds to an alarm activation and, after investigation, finds no evidence that criminal activity either had occurred or was occurring, the Officer will designate the alarm signal as a false alarm which meets the criteria of a false alarm as defined in the Police Services Board By-law 302-2010 shown below.

Police Services Board By-law 302-2010


4.1 Where there is a Police Response to a False Alarm, the Alarm System Owner shall be responsible for a fixed charge of $50.00 per False Alarm attendance.

4.2 An Alarm shall not be classified as a False Alarm, if, within forty-eight (48) hours of the police response, the Alarm System Owner or an Alarm Business furnishes evidence to the Finance Unit Manager that the alarm was caused by:

(i) an unauthorized entry into the building, structure or facility:

(ii) an act of a person other than an Alarm Business, the Alarm System Owner or its agents;

(iii) an extraordinary circumstance as determined by the Finance Unit Manager

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