1.      Is the Niagara Regional Police hiring?#Always Hiring

 The Niagara Regional Police Service is always  accepting applications for the position of Police Constable. 

2.   Is there any pre-applicant testing?  I heard ATS is no longer used.

Yes.  ATS no longer conducts the pre-applicant testing.  It is now done throught the OACP.  The Niagara Regional Police Service requires all applicants to have a valid OACP Certificate to be eligible to apply to the service. The OACP Certificate  must remain valid throughout the entire recruiting process. If the certificate expires at any time, your application may be delayed.

3.      How do I obtain my OACP Certificate so I can apply to be a police officer?

Pre-Application assessments are conducted through the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police. All information is contained on their website, www.oacpcertificate.ca.

4.      How long will it take to get through the application process with the Niagara Regional Police?     

The recruiting process can take from 3 months to one year to complete.

5.      How do I prepare for the interview stage of the recruiting process.       

There are several resourses online. Police interviews are different than your typical job interview. Many of the questions are behavioural based. To keep your thoughts organized, candidates are encouraged to adopt the STAR, SHARE, or similar method of interview strategies.

6.      I have letters of reference and other documents I want to include in my file; can I submit them with my application?

No. Only the following documents will be accepted during the initial application stage:

  1. Cover Letter and Resume  (Resume MUST include a complete work history including all previous employers.)
  2. OACP Documents:
    • OACP Certificate from www.oacpcertificate.ca
    • OACP Fitness Logs (see attached Instructions and Fitness Log) for 2 weeks.
    • OACP Consent and Release of Liability Waiver signed and witnessed.
    • OACP Vision & Hearing Assessment Form.                                                                                                                                                                                         (Hearing and Vision Assessments MUST 'Meet Standard' and MUST be submitted with your application. ) 
  3. First Aid/CPR Certificate – Level 'C'.   Must be from an approved First Aid/CPR provider.
  4. All transcripts (High School & Post-Secondary even if only partially completed)

When applying, all important information will be contained in your resume and cover letter. We are interested in what others have to say about each applicant. Should you proceed into the interviews and background investigation, an investigator will obtain all additional information including reference letters and anything else you'd like to include to support why you are the best candidate to join the Niagara Regional Police Service.

7.      Does it make me look bad if I apply to other police services other than the Niagara Regional Police Service?

No. The Recruiting Unit understands that the Constable Selection System is a competitive process. There is nothing wrong with applying to several police services at the same time. You should notify the Niagara Regional Police Service Recruiting Unit should you advance or accept a job with another Police Service while your application is still valid.

Officer in cruiser on general patrol

8.      How long is my application valid for?

Your application is valid for a period of 1 year from the date you apply. You will be contacted by both telephone and e-mail should you proceed through the process. 


9.      I have completed an Essential Competency Interview with another police service; does the Niagara Regional Police Service accept these interviews?

If you are successful in an ECI with another Police service, the Niagara Regional Police Service MAY accept it and it is at the discretion of the Recruiting Unit. Should it be accepted, you will be exempt. If it is not accepted, you may be required to complete this interview with recruiters from the Niagara Regional Police Service. Note that only the most recent ECI results are accepted. Eg. If you have a valid ECI with another Police service and you are required to complete this interview with the Niagara Regional Police Service and you are unsuccessful the valid ECI results will be void and you will have to wait the prescribed waiting period before being able to re-apply or advance with any other Police service that utilized the ECI.

10.  How often does the Niagara Regional Police Service hire police constables?

Currently, the Niagara Regional Police Service is always accepting applications for the position of police constables. There are three Basic Constable Training Programs offered at the Ontario Police College each year (January, May, and September). We aim to have recruit officers in each intake.

11.  How many people is the Niagara Regional Police Service hiring?

There are a number of factors that contribute on how many people the service hires so there is no set answer. On average, the service sends approximately 10 officers in each recruit class at the Ontario Police College.

12.  I have completed my testing through www.oacpcertificate.ca and I am ready to apply, when's the best time to apply to get into the next recruit class?

If you are ready to apply, submit your application. Do not try and time your submission with the next recruit class. Due to the number of applicants versus seats in the Basic Constable Training Program, we only take the best applicants. You are applying to the Niagara Regional Police Service and not to a particular class at OPC. We do our best to fill each seat at the Ontario Police College but we do not sacrifice quality officers for quantity of officers at the Ontario Police College.

13.  I applied to the Niagara Regional Police Service and was unsuccessful, can I get direct feedback on where I went wrong?

Members of the Recruiting Unit cannot give direct feedback on why you were unsuccessful as it is prohibited by the Constable Selection System. A review of your file will be done and you receive what feedback is available. 

14.  I applied to the Niagara Regional Police Service and I was unsuccessful, will I be looked at poorly when I re-apply?

No. We understand that the application process is competitive and stressful. Most applicants are not successful their first time through. We look at each application objectively and it does not negatively reflect on you should you have re-applied more than one time.

15.  If I am successful, am I paid during my training?

Yes. You are paid the wage of a Recruit Officer in Training set out on the Uniform Collective Agreement.

16.  If I am successful in the application process, how much do I have to pay to attend the Basic Constable Training Program at the Ontario Police College?

The cost to attend the Basic Constable Training Program is approximately $16,000 when the tuition is not waived. The Niagara Regional Police Service gives successful applicants an interest-free loan to attend the Ontario Police College. The loan is deducted off each pay cheque.

17.  Does the Niagara Regional Police Service hire experienced officers?

Yes. If you are an experienced officer in Ontario or Canada, there are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled prior to your application. See the "Submitting Your Application - Experienced Police Constable" section if the recruiting website. No one will contact any member of your police service until later in the application process, after you have been given an opportunity to speak with your current employer.

18.   I am a member of the Military Police, can I apply as an experienced police officer?

Although the Niagara Regional Police Service values the sacrifices made by those who serve in the Canadian military, you must apply as a recruit officer through the regular method, including obtaining an OACP Certificate of Results. You will be required to attend the Ontario Police College Basic Constable Training Program should you be a successful applicant.

19.  Do I need Police Foundations or a Law and Security background to apply?

No. The Police Services Act states that the minimum educational requirement is four years of secondary school or equivalent. However, we encourage applicants to take something in post-secondary education that they enjoy. Chances are you will do better in that program and a career in policing has many different avenues where your unique education can translate.

20.  What should I be doing for volunteer work?

Like education, you should volunteer doing something you enjoy. Chances are you will continue doing that work, even if you are successful in the application process. It is not necessary to commit to a volunteer activity on a regular basis. If there is an opportunity, even if it's just a one-time event, you can participate. Volunteering in your community proves you have a sincere desire to serve your community.

21.  I don't live in the Niagara Region, can I still apply?

Yes. The Niagara Regional Police considers all applications based on a candidates experiences and the totality of their application, no matter what part of Canada they reside. If the minimum qualifications are met, you will be considered for a position with the Niagara Regional Police Service.