The Niagara Regional Police Service accepts applications from currently serving officers from throughout Ontario and Canada. Like recruits, experienced officer applications are kept on file for one year.

* If you are not a currently serving officer please switch to the Submitting Your Application - New Applicant.

Should you wish to apply to the Niagara Regional Police Service, the following documents must be included in your initial application:

  1. Cover letter and resume
  2. A valid Ontario Fitness Pin Award (or PARE if you are a member of the RCMP)
  3. First Aid/CPR Certificate – Level 'C'
  4. All transcripts (High School, Post-Secondary, and OPC or training academy)
  5. Consent and Release of Liability Waiver
  6. Three (3) most recent Performance Evaluations from current Service

Note:  Applicants who are invited for an interview will be asked to submit a copy of their training record from their current Service.

It should be noted that if you are an experienced officer from outside of Ontario and you are successful in the application process, you will be required to study and pass an equivalency examination through the Ontario Police College. To be eligible to take this examination, your police training has to have been completed at a "recognized police training institution" by the Ontario Police College. If your training institution is not recognized, you will be required to attend the Basic Constable Training Program with recruits through the Ontario Police College.

Currently, members of the RCMP who are from out of province are NOT required to write an equivalency examination as training at Depot is a "recognized police training institution".

No member of the Niagara Regional Police Service will contact any member of your police service until later in the process, after you have had the opportunity to notify the service.

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