The Collision Reconstruction Unit is comprised of 6 Detective Constables and 1 Detective Sergeant and is mandated to investigate all fatal and serious life threatening motor vehicle collisions that occur within the Region.

serious collision scene

Officers assigned to the Collision Reconstruction Unit are technically trained and dedicated investigators, who specialize in the field of collision investigation. Members assigned to the Unit are initially required to complete a minimum of 10 weeks of extensive collision investigation training at either the Ontario Police College in Aylmer or the Canadian Police College in Ottawa.

In 2019, the Collision Reconstruction Unit updated their equipment as well as the software they utilize for completing their investigations. These updates see the Niagara Regional Police Service's Reconstruction Unit as a leader in technology and methods used in their area of expertise.

The Collision Reconstruction Unit also manages the Niagara Regional Police Service's remotely piloted vehicles (drones). The unit oversees all flight operations within the NRPS as well as maintenance and flight logs. The Reconstruction Unit has assisted with aerial support for training, armed persons, warrants, building and ground searches with their remotely piloted vehicles. The Niagara Regional Police currently has 10 qualified drone operators.