Every year scammers target Canadians, many here in Niagara. 

The scams often target vulnerable victims.

The Point Sale Scam Intervention Program (POSSIP) has been designed with detectives from the NRPS Central Fraud Unit to create awareness and education for retail and financial institution employees with the goal of scam intervention at the point of sale.

Retailers and financial institutions are encouraged to download the education program for their employees to view.  The education program works in conjunction with an NRPS poster to support the employees.

Retailers and financial intuitions should create internal policy regarding scam intervention and the potential to refuse a sale to protect victims.

Education Presentation - Pdf. Download

The Point of Sale Scam Intervention Program poster was created to support a retail and / or financial institution employee with the intervention process.  The poster should be hung outside the general public's view.  An employee using a QR activated mobile device can access a video of a police officer discussing scams and a list of common scams. 

The video and scam information can be shared with a victim at the point of sale to create awareness and encourage them to not complete the transaction.

Point of Sale Poster - Pdf. Download