The Traffic Enforcement Unit (T.E.U.) is comprised of four Sergeants and 20 Constables with a mandate to conduct enforcement throughout the Niagara Region. Their work combines traffic enforcement and education in order to reduce the number of fatalities and motor vehicle collisions in the Region.

speed enforcement

Members of the TEU are also qualified Breath Technicians and are responsible for the administering of Breath tests for persons who have been arrested for impaired driving offences.

approved road side screen device

Also, new to the Unit are Drug Recognition Experts (DRE) who investigate persons operating vehicles that may be impaired by prescription or non-prescription drugs.

RIDE barricade check point with officers


NRPS Wants Traffic Complaints

The Niagara Regional Police Service has set up a hotline which allows people to provide information on traffic safety issues.  The hotline lets the public leave information about areas where there are road safety concerns such as speeding or other Highway Traffic Act violations where a greater police presence is required. This program doesn't replace existing ways of dealing with collisions and other traffic issues, but serves as an additional way of reporting problems you may have seen or become aware of.  By the public and police working together, the Niagara Region becomes a safer place for everyone.

To use the NRPS traffic hotline, call 289-248-1060.

You can also send traffic complaints by email by using our Online Traffic Complaints Form.