The Niagara Regional Police Service has a hotline that allows citizens to provide feedback on traffic safety issues. The hotline allows the public to provide information on where traffic is dangerous, problems you're encountering on the roads, and other traffic safety concerns.

This initiative doesn't replace existing methods of dealing with accidents and other traffic issues, but serves as an additional way of reporting incidents you may have witnessed or become aware of.Speed radar

By the public and police working together, the Niagara Region becomes a safer place for everyone. 

Please be advised that this inbox/emails are not monitored/responded to 24/7. Should you witness a traffic violation that is in progress please contact your local police department to dispatch a unit to respond to the area

To use the NRPS traffic hotline, call 289-248-1060

Traffic complaints can also be made via email, by either sending complaint to, or by using our online form.