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Policing has been identified as a highly stressful occupation for both sworn and civilian positions.  The Member Support Unit functions to support members by providing peer assistance, post critical incident response, preventive programs, educational opportunities or best practice initiatives that can assist officers in their overall wellness.  The unit also prepares new recruits for the realities of the profession both personally and professionally.

The unit consists of a full time Service Psychologist as well as a Staff Sergeant and a Reintegration officer.   Member Support also oversees the Peer Support program, the Critical Incident Stress Team, Reintegration Program, Safeguarding, Early Intervention and The Chaplains Unit.

The services of the unit are available to all members of the Niagara Regional Police Service.  The Niagara Regional Police Service supports Niagara Beyond the Blue, which is an organization for family members of police officers they strive to strengthen and support families of law enforcement.