The Emergency Task Unit (ETU) consists of specially trained officers, who provide specialized support in order to safely resolve high risk calls.

tactical officers


Their primary goal is to settle incidents through non-violent resolutions, such as by confining threats to a particular area, or using negotiations to resolve a situation. Members are trained to use specialized equipment and weapons, and are proficient in using them when force is necessary.

officer laying on the ground watching

ETU is accredited as a hostage rescue team by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.

Emergency Task Unit entering building


Mandate of the Emergency Task Unit

The ETU provides specialized tactical support to ensure the safety of the public, police and the suspect in high risk situations. These situations include but are not limited to:

  1. Hostage takings
  2. Barricaded person
  3. Execution of high risk warrants
  4. Area searches
  5. Canine tracks
  6. Emotionally disturbed persons
  7. VIP security and witness protection
  8. Court security

The Emergency Task Unit may also become involved in search and rescue operations assisting in searches for missing/lost person(s), and/or when geographic-environment conditions require the ETU’s specialized training and experience.ETU officer about to repel of a structure