The Niagara Regional Police Service (NRPS) has 3 detectives assigned to the Internet Child Exploitation Unit (ICE Unit). The ICE Unit works as part of the “Provincial Strategy to Protect Children from Internet Crimes”, which the NRPS joined in 2007. Our ICE Unit has a high rate of success in conducting its own investigations as well as joint investigations with other police services around Ontario.


The ICE Unit responds to internet based crimes against children through an established police presence on the internet. These investigations consist of online victimization of children which may occur via the possession, distribution, and/or accessing of child pornography, or by the luring of children for a sexual purpose via the internet.

The ICE Unit receives information through a number of sources, such as; other police agencies, international projects, and tips from members of the public. The 3 detectives in this unit are highly trained in the area of Computer Investigations, Computer Technology, Major Case Management, and Search Warrants.

For further information about protecting children from online exploitation you can visit the website.

For further information on the ICE Unit you can contact the supervisor at (905) 688-4111 Ext. 5120. 


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