The Domestic Violence Unit (DVU) is a team of specially trained detectives that are centrally located within the Niagara Region. The DVU is currently made up of 12 detectives and 1 supervisor. This unit works with a number of community agencies as well as the two local Crown Attorney’s offices, the Victim Witness Assistance Program, and Victim Services Niagara. The DVU was centralized into one unit in January of 2013.


The DVU is responsible for investigating all reports of domestic violence involving intimate partners and reviews all domestic related occurrences whether or not charges are laid. Intimate relationship is defined as any persons who are present or past dating partners, have a child in common, are past or present common law partners, are married separated or divorced, are past or present same sex partners, are presently or have previously been in a relationship that involves some form of physical intimacy. Domestic Violence can consist of any use of physical or sexual force, actual or threatened, uttering threats of death or bodily harm, criminal harassment by stalking an individual, and an accused person failing to abide by conditions of a release order put in place by the courts to protect a victim of domestic violence.

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The DVU also investigates all incidents of physical abuse of our seniors, commonly referred to as Elder Abuse. This may consist of abuse or neglect of a senior who is residing in a care facility or their own residence and may be perpetrated by a family member, caregiver or other person.

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Members of the DVU are highly trained in the area of Domestic Violence Investigations, Interviewing, Major Case Management, ODARA – Ontario Domestic Violence Assault Risk Assessment, and Search Warrants.

For further information on the DVU you can contact the Supervisor at (905) 688-4111 Ext. 1025611.