Morality Unit

The Morality Unit conducts investigations, in relation to drug trafficking, illegal gambling clubs, prostitution, and other morality issues as they arise.  Through these investigations, they arrest offenders and prepare the cases for court.

Members of the unit spend their resources investigating large-scale drug trafficking groups with the goal of identifying, disrupting and dismantling such groups.

Guns, Gangs and Grows

The Guns, Gangs and Grows Unit are responsible for collecting information and conducting investigations into the unlawful growing of cannabis in the Niagara Region. Part of the unit’s mandate is to investigate the possession of weapons and the involvement of criminal gangs in the unlawful production and distribution of cannabis.

The Guns, Gangs and Grows unit work hand in hand with partner police agencies, Special Investigative Services units and our front-line officers to combat this ongoing problem.

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Prescription Unit

The Prescription Unit’s specific mandate is to enforce the escalating problems that are to be associated to Oxycodone and other synthetic opiates. The Unit concentrates on the misuse of prescriptions, double doctoring, prescription forgery and unlawful drug trafficking.