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Homicide Unit


During the 1980s and early 1990s, the complexity of investigations into major crimes led to a change in the way these serious crimes were investigated. The murders of Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffey clearly showed the need for a more professional approach. As a result, the Major Crime Unit was created in the fall of 1993.

Now known as the Homicide Unit, there are six Detective Sergeants and a Detective Constable. Each officer is highly skilled and has extensive experience in criminal investigations. The unit is headed by a Staff Sergeant who reports to the Inspector of the Investigative Support Services.

The Campbell Report made it mandatory for Police Investigators in Ontario to follow certain guidelines. When investigating Major Cases the Homicide Unit complies with the requirements.

The Homicide Unit is responsible for investigating all homicides within the Region of Niagara. The Detectives assist in the following investigations:

  • Assaults where death is likely
  • Sudden deaths of persons in police custody
  • Missing persons under suspicious circumstances
  • Police shootings where death or injury has resulted including incidents involving Canada Border Services Agency officers
  • Incidents involving sworn members of the Niagara Parks Police that meet the criteria for reporting to the S.I.U. under the Police Services Act of Ontario
  • Unsolved cases

Crimes Under Investigation

Cold Cases